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It’s awesome you know your sun sign that gives the overall picture of your traits and character, but it’s even better when  you know your Venus sign giving the whole vibes and picture. This sign shows the location of the planet Venus when you were born. That’s important as gives a hint about who you are and what to expect in love.

Venus is the planet of love, money, beauty and it’s location shows best how do we express love, who are we attracted to and who is attracted to us. This placement is the best indicator for love compatibility so if you wonder who should you be with, check this out.

Pop your details into birth chart calculators such as this one Cafe Astrology . You need your birth chart date, hour, place . Purposely not posting a direct link to the calculator as it happens the website change its’ location because of the enormous traffic they receive. Use the search bar.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is the Amazon lady in the zodiac, hot and heavy, regardless of the gender. They are the honest and direct truth teller and expect the same in return. These people are confident, strong-willed, full of energy and passion conquerers of hearts. People love them as they are truthful and full of strength and sex appeal. They are spontaneous, thrilled by adventure, like the chase . Do not get to close though, keep some of your mystery as they will get bored quickly.

These are the hot-headed lovers of the zodiac that their exes always remember. They like to be the victors and the conquerors, so knowing that they ‘killed’ the competition is one of their most powerful turns on! Venus in Aries crave electrifying connections, high-voltage passionate relationships.

Compatibility: Venus in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, or Libra

Venus in Taurus

Taurus people are ruled by Venus , so these people are sensual, like the physical interactions, have got high sex drive and adore cuddles. They need security in love and share their love with that special person in their life. They do not like the chase, people come to them as they are alluring with their love for beauty, physicality and loving energy, they are warm and friendly. Venus in Taurus people do neither like to be rushed, surprised, pushed or manipulations. Do not try their boundaries though as they are really tiny. These people can give you security, love, passion, romantic dinners, nurturing and care

Compatibility: Venus in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio

Venus in Gemini


Venus in Gemini are freedom and variety loving lovers, so the time they dedicate their love interests is very short living.   They are fickle, flirt with everyone, driven by curiosity, not able to commit, shallow in their believes and take the first heard information as truthful. They detach quickly apparently when it goes about feelings.

They like to analyse the dates, dates with them are adventures. Venus in Gemini are exciting and quick to attract new suitors and attention. They have got youthful look and energy, emotionally intense. Their partner has to possess the sam traits in order to have a successful relationship.

Compatibility: Venus in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, or Sagittarius


Venus in Cancer

Cancers need security in love . They fear betrayal and abandonment and will test your loyalty 24/7. Venus in Cancer people love romantic gestures, public display of affection, gifts, sharing, support, nurturing. They wear hard shelves, but once breaking it you will embrace e their powerful nurturing, devoted, loving energy, affection. Often they play mind games if they sniff their partner hides something from them. If you gain their trust though, you will be always showered with their whole love, attention and dedication.

Compatibility:Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn

Venus in Leo

For Venus in Leo people love is first priority. They are lavish and generous in love, they give their all, vine and dine, shower with passion and affection and in willing to get in return attention and passion. If their partners give them any sign of indifference , ignorance or disrespect could end up with scenes sulking , fights. They are really warm hearted, friendly, open, entertaining and devoted.

Compatibility: Venus in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, or Aquarius


Venus in VirgoVenus in Virgo are very cautious in lovethey prefer to watch and collect information about their love objects before getting into the deep. They observe from some distance in order to get the complete and whole picture and never prefer to take the initiative. The collected information often helps them into criticism and nagging of their partner. But on the other hand it also provokesupport whenever their partner needs it. And this is how they ultimately show their deep love and care by helping, consideration, understanding and support.They always point out flaws though and give advice as they find this helpful, so if you like that , they are for you. 

Compatibility:Venus in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, or Pisces


Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra are the perfect lovers since ruled by Venus – the planet of love. They know every detail of the love art from flirt to marriage, it happens naturally to them. They can come across as a bit shallow and superficial though as they thrive to be too idealistic and looking for a superb harmony that realistically doesn’t exist. They always try to balance the scales and please their partners but when the friction is overwhelming this could make them unhappy and angry. They need fairness and to be treated mirroring oneself .

Compatibility:Venus in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus, or Aries


Venus in ScorpioVenus in Scorpio are intense lovers , their sexual energy has no boundaries and they are determined to get the best out of it. They like to explore their love interest and know everything about them, but are really hard in revealing their own secrets and usually come across as very mysterious. Venus in Scorpio can easily penetrate in every head and are fearless, they could be jealous, possessive, provocative. They though are really loyal and devoted partners and if you are looking for a rock and intense sexual partner Venus in Scorpio is the one for you

CompatibilityVenus in Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Aries, or Taurus


Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius easily attract people with their fairness, warmth, optimistic attitude towards life. They do not have any issue with creating a connection, their problem is committing. Ghosting is so much in their nature and they can vanish immediately when they are been criticised and controlled. Freedom-loving and free spirited always try to have their options open and cannot be tied down.

Of course they are able to commit but if they meet a partner that allow them space and gets involved in extreme ideas to travel the world or to create something idealistic. Nurture their big goals and ideals and you will settle them down.

Compatibility: Venus in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, or Gemini


Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Scorpio are materialistically driven and craving travels folks, they are not into flirting, games and instability, when they look for someone to match instantly and start a committed relationship with. People like them as they come across as very collected , you can introduce them to your family or besties with no problem , they won’t cause any conflict or confusion. Regardless they always save for the future Venus in Capricorn will try to impress you with cool dates and a bit show off. You might not receive great fun or passion from them, but definitely you will get a loyal, safe and devoted partner.

Compatibility: Venus in Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, or Cancer


Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius are idealists in love , they are looking for someone who would appreciate their freedom loving nature, but also be unique and challenge them with their own ideas. As air is their ruling element they approach also love with their mind, their logic. In order to love you they need to have good reasons to do so. They could look detached at times but are actually very sentimental and love to show affection in public.  The dates with them are no-ordinary and they never do what the others do, eccentric, unique, full of new ideas and approach to everything in life. In order to roar and jazz up with them you will need to go with the flow, with their flow though…

Compatibility: Venus in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, or Leo


Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces are the most easygoing and nice people in the whole zodiac. They are the charming lovers, romantic, playful, sensitive, charismatic, interesting , but very often drawn to their opposites and because of that involved quite a lot with people that use or abuse them. These gentle charmers attract and can seduce everyone with their pure souls and quick confusion when the things  go wrong. When they get into this state Venus in Pisces are prone to escapism and try to hide it. One should be extremely familiar with their psychology to know what’s happening. If you are dealing with them I am sure it’s because of their beautiful heart, but  make sure you know how  to take them off their caves when hurt, overwhelmed or depressed.

Compatibility: Venus in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, or Virgo

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