Your Mercury Sign or How You Communicate

Why do we need to know our Mercury sign?

It’s crucial since the Mercury placements shows how we communicate, how good is our memory and intellect and do we have some relevant skills to work in logistics. The planet Mercury rules communication, transportation, our mind, memory and this placement shows in which zodiac sign it was when we were born.

How to check it?

You need to jump to the website of Cafe Astrology , know your birth time, date and place and enter them.

Meanings of the Mercury Signs

Le’t’s look at the meanings deeply.



Well, well, well… These are the witty bloggers of the zodiac, the publishers, the great writers. You are direct, brave, funny, sometimes quite argumentative and intimidating . The other sings less fortunate as they need to plan everything they start, but not you, Mercury in Aries, you are good only when your rely on your instincts. A lot of times you fight back if there’s a need, but you will never leave anything unanswered.


Mercury in Taurus takes time to get to conclusion and come to an opinion, but once reached that moment, nothing or none could get them back or change it. An excellent eye for detail and bespoke memory. Best career for you could be fashion, design, artistic endeavours, antiques, decorator.


Well.. you are in your power, Gemini, super talkative, super fast, full of ideas, your interests are of such a vast range that you never stop creating and sharing ideas built on your observations and collection information. Do not worry, you talk and move on from topic to topic so quickly, that none really pays attention of knowledge gaps. Well, there’s none in this world that knows everything, even with Mercury in Gemini. The jobs that are great match for you are related to journalism, talk shows hosting, TV programs.


That’s the most adaptable to everyone sign as they quickly get along with everyone, they are sensitive, deep thinkers, highly intuitive. They are always led by their personal experience and how something will affect them, family and lovers. For Mercury in Cancer science and academism is they can perform best.


Not sure how they do this but regardless of their fiery character, Mercury in Leo are magnetic, attractive, always catch attention, warm-hearted, full of passion, ambitious. They are born leaders, best for them is managers, CEO, celebrities, organisers.


If you don’t want a fellow that knows what and how much have you eaten at 10AM yesterday, don’t allow Virgos to become your friends, as they are ultimately practical minds are all about statistics, rationalism, practicality, measurements and calculations. Mercury in Virgo are best where is required data and great analytical skills.


The people that look for balance in everything have got their placement Mercury in Libra, they always separate pros form cons, measure with scales and try to make she best decision. They are fantastic friends with everyone, great diplomats, but sometimes forget their own opinions and blend in the crowd, they need to be more assertive. Best career is for them are related to diplomacy and beauty.


Attracted to deep secrets people with Mercury in Scorpio are naturally born investigators, curious about everyone’s business and apparently the stuff they are not opening about. You can make a brilliant spy, detective or movie maker.


The adventurer of the zodiac Mercury in Sagittarius is someone who is always high-vibe, very optimistic, freedom loving personality that enjoy to change places and be on the move. Photography, vlogging, blogging, writing could be a great fit.


Calm, cool, collected, always with a strategy this fellow is always a step ahead of the game. Mercury in Capricorn people are diligent and persistent after they set a goal. They crave leadership positions.


Clever, curious, open-minded, super smart, always super charged with new ideas and moving forward to everything new and different, warm and friendly. All business or industry that are related to innovations work out for you.


This fella is the one with the strong intuition that always ‘feel’ the things and people. Very compassionate and sacrificing apparently to people who do not deserve that. You can be best suited to a career with dedication to people such as charities .

What’s your moon sign? Mine’s in Aries and truly love it. Let us know in the comments section below.



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