I recently read an article of a journalist who was confessing that he started feeling more confident when he became completely bald shaving fully his head. I guess he became more confident as women started been attracted to him much more. 

Just overall women expect from the men to be ‘manly’ – to be the stronger side, apparently physically, the wiser, the more confident and balanced, more reliable, a defender and ultimately older than they are. If not older, maybe someone who has overgrown their age.

I watched a survey that clearly shows that women’s interest in shaved men actually increases with time and age.  And that is normal as when you are young and wild between 18-35 you consider baldness as a sign of ageing. Men start losing their hair at the age of 30 (Androgenic Alopecia) and really this one comes with the time. 

More mature women after 35 realize that they need a man who is reliable and not for adventure, someone protective, wiser and emotionally stable, a real partner in crime and true friend apart from a lover. They just get tired of experimenting and would like to settle for someone balanced, loving and more mature. 

Women though prefer men that clearly shave their heads overall more than men who try to mask their hair loss unrealistically or get a transplant. The reasons behind this are that shaving means ‘facing the truth and being honest’, transparency and secondly it wakes up the maternal feeling in some as you know babies are naked-headed, shaving is more practical – no hairs all around and in the sink. 
To be fair, remaining half-shaved or just naturally half-hairy is very funny, remove it all, who needs it? Some men believe that keeping their original hair will make them look younger. But it has got a totally adverse effect. 

Some women find it unattractive for a guy to think so much about his hair and to take their role in vanity.  If a woman finds you concerned too much about what to do with your hair she would rather lose interest in you in the clear sexual aspect. Not saying neglecting you look, never, just do not overthink, make practical decisions. 

Women like bald men since they look mature. 

Let’s not omit the fact that women love with their ‘ears’ and the initial prescreen would be based on what men say about themselves, their life, attitude to life, how they treat them and etc even half hairy they will compromise with the thought that if become a couple, they will make the man shave it. 🙂

So if you are what you say and promise and she likes it, you got her. Start imaging yourself bald is this is yet to come after. 🙂

Most men like the packaging, women totally opposite – look for a soulmate, a kindred spirit, a trustworthy man who makes them laugh and smile. 

That’s why publicly known as not so attractive men are with first-classes beauties. And of course not only.. some women really coexist by being financially codependent (this goes vice versa as nowadays there are men who look for financially supportive women!)

Another reason why women are so attracted to the bald men (but that’s in the early ages) is that only a bad boy could shave his hair and no bother to see a hairstylist.  Shaving was always a sign of freedom and rebellious spirit. Something that women are attracted to,  apparently when are not ready for a stable relationship. 

Some women like bad boys as they like the intrigue or adversely like to tame the ‘beast’ exuding their femininity and checking is it ranking properly. If the beast is tamed they are good, they are attractive enough. 

I am also attracted to shaved bald men. I spoke with a lot of male friends who seem to be really afraid to lose their hair. There was even a guy who tried to convince me that keeping the hair is cool… Knowing that most males just lose their hair after 30 made his words sound silly and I told him that I would rather shave his hair too regardless it is a full package as not the hair makes the people. 

I like people who are naturally free and can openly discuss sensitive matters in a drama-free manner, just being themselves and accepting what needs to be accepted. Like MEN!

The shaving endures the male:

  • confident look
  • leadership look ( brave enough to shave his hair)
  • domineering look (stronger and reliable)
  • independent thinker
  • strong character (not afraid to be different)
  • sexy look (check what kind of men are posted on tabloids)

If I was a man I would never consider transplants (I do apologize, hair transplant industry!) as my ultimate goal as a man would be to be my own confident man. 



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