I realize that to some this might sound funny and it is actually is but I just trashed my login page while I was working on my new recruitment website ( a new idea just hit the road ???? ) and felt

literally as


The Story Behind

I was experimenting with a subscription plugin, just customizing the design of the registration page and accidentally decided to delete it as wished to install something new. And then …


Boom! Shake-shake the room… That was my mistake.

The registration page got vanished completely along with my admin access. I went to the WordPress forums quickly and researched for a solution immediately.It seems to be happening to a lot. But there was not a straight forward solution for it.Then… I just …Went to (through the hosting)

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CPanel – File Manager – Found the plugin in question folder – rename it by adding just a simple

‘n’and voila!

Got back to my admin panel, log in. All on track. I even deleted the plugin as I didn’t need it. Use this advice, it is sound. Actually, the best and easiest you could get online in this case!