Top Freelance Websites

Top Freelance Websites

If you are reading this post you might need help in finding the best freelance platform in 2020. Freelancing and working from home or anywhere in the world has become the preferred way of living. Sipping a coffee in a nice and quiet home environment when you can easily get focused and not in a rush to catch the bus, the tube or to drive in exhaustion for hours to get to your workplace is a tempting vision for everyone who has an appropriate skillset to add to it.


I like Fiverr as it is flexible when we talk about the creation of gigs. One can be always creative in the way of how the gigs should look like. Fiverr gives an opportunity to get a large variety project in all industries and anywhere a particular skill set could be applied: translations, web design, IT, recruitment, craft.. really whatever you decide.

The Fiverr’s plus is also the fact that clients find you on their own. There’s no need to search for projects.


I know you might think it is a craft-men marketplace but is actually the perfect place you can sell your own products and actually work as a self-reliant artist. On Etsy people sell not only physical products but also skills and services.


It is a good platform for beginners.  There’s no option to post a gig and wait for clients to reach you, but if you are proactive there’s a chance to get a project. Guru requires from you in order to register a scanned ID and proof of ID.


Upwork was previously known as Desk. It is similar in a way to Guru. You are required to search for work and apply for any available in your area of specialism. I personally prefer Fiverr as I can just leave my details there and rely on to be found and not to look for it all the time.


PPH is another great website where in order to access jobs you should submit an application that should be reviewed and accepted. The main idea here is to advertise skills and to be paid at your own rate per hour. The application could be fast-tracked for £13 only.


Airtasker is my new discovery or if I have to be precise the current website and myself are their own discovery as they reached out first.  Not willing to sound pathetic but this website gives a lot of opportunities to work remotely and internationally or site-based in Australia. Just take a task or set a task and budget.


Studio Envato is specifically created for WordPress and logo designers. If you do not know exactly how to meet the requirements of for example to build a WordPress theme visit Udemy and gain the skills.


I know you might think it is not a standard freelance website but if you are a teacher or any kind of educator of any kind of skills this is your place to be and advertise your skills and knowledge and get paid for it. It is not an easy task to put together an online course though, to record and upload. And so many of the students swap the courses quickly so not sure you can get good money out of it but at least you can become know to the audience and become hunted by many in the industry.


DC is for freelance designers that can easily submit design proposals and reach clients through the platform. Customers post a paid contest and give feedback to all participants.


Task Rabbit works at the same principle as AIRTASKER and is known for its same-day service. The variety of jobs that could be found is great and is also an opportunity to earn cash the same day or to find help with a task.


Not sure have you ever heard of Bizzby as it works mostly locally in the UK but if you happen to live there it is another great opportunity to find a job the same day and to earn cash quickly. The jobs are mostly home maintenance orientated so if you are good with hands you can find yourself fitting a wardrobe from Argos.


Broxer is based in India, it is very similar to Fiverr. It seems to be an international website but the currency is Indian Rupees that is hard for example to me convert, each time I need to think and use a calculator.  The principles of working with the website are very similar to Fiverr: post and find a job. If you do not have a problem with the currency that’s another opportunity to find or post projects.

But most of these website require constant focus on them, account verifications and constant keeping tabs on and there’s no a platform or system to keep them together on. So, if you want to become successful FAST, IMMEDIATELY and NOW, I would like to offer you a huge INNOVATION, that just hit the market, this is a program and software that help you become a successful freelancer from day one. If not happy with the product, there’s a money back guarantee, so absolutely FREE you can give it  a try MY FREELANCE PAYCHECK:




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