the heartbreakers of the zodiac

Some of the star signs are very committed to their partner while others are very prone to flirt and change their romantic interests quickly.


He’s extremely passionate and spontaneous  in showing his emotions, hence very prone to cheat. They love their partner, but find it extremely normal to flirt with other people.


Rumours say taurus prefer a stable partnership than an  opportunity to flirt every night with different person.


They change every single minute and they are the typical heartbreakers and lovers. They enjoy flirting with a large variety of people and flirt with them lasts a minute. They are experts in heartbreaking.


While they are looking for the ultimate lifetime soulmate an do not like the shallow flirt, their feelings change quickly from 0-100. Every day they are in love with  a different person. In most cases loyal to their partner, once committed though.


The song “Hunter” of Galantis  seems to be written by a Leo. The born under the Les sign are the unstoppable lovers and suitors. For them important is to be on quest regardless of their gender. They usually do whatever it takes to make their partner happy, but then quickly lost interest and becomes cold and distant.


They are every serious in love. Very fussy and pretentious looking for the ultimate partner. But  the interesting part is that they are usually prone to adventures out of the commitment.


They are on constant quest of looking for the perfect soulmate. They are willing to have a romantic partnership but usually give their feelings not to the right person without any thinking that that might not be exactly the right person.  


A very contradictory lover! He’s hiding his emotions, but in the same time he is also jealous and possessive. He is not prone to flirt, but if something’s not going right, they are not ashamed to start a new adventure.


They love the cosiness of the the calm relationship and dislike the romance and flirts with different people.


They open to sharing feelings very slowly. And regardless that they give the impression that for them the family is of ultimate importance, they are prone to have some flirts and short connections of no big significance.


They are idealist in love. For them flirt and random connections and relationships, one-night stands are inconsiderable. They want to spend their time only with their soulmate.


They are born to love. For them flirts come naturally. Whenever they fall in love, they believe they found the love of their life. Then they get disappointed and look for he next one.



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