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Live Youtube Reading
Annemarie Newman
Spot on

Bo has given me a few blind readings. Showing my toxic situation at work. She offered me hope, seeing a new opportunity coming in the future. This has happened and in the timeline she suggested. Looking forward to starting my new job. Thank you Bo xxx

Accurate as always!

Thank you bo! Your readings are a catalyst in my healing journey. Hearing the truth is the only thing that sets us free!

A SESSION (Video or Audio)
Bo Heals Through Her Readings
Surprising Read

I won’t go into details but my latest reading with Bo was insightful and very surprising! Thank you Bo 🙏🏽✨✨✨

Bo Offers Insight Regarding Family Relationships

I ordered a video reading for my mom as she wanted to know why the relationship with her sister has always been so difficult. Bo’s reading helped confirm some things my mom had been feeling. Bo picked up that this conflict stems from childhood and a third party, which happens to be my grandmother. She also described my aunt’s personality perfectly and the current situation between them. Bo pointed out this could be a karmic cycle that needs to be broken, but inorder to do so they both need to put love first. I’ve written this review on behalf of my mom who isn’t fluent in English. Thanks so much Bo!

Order If You Need Guidance

I had a question regarding my next career move so of course I decided to order a video reading from Bo! As per usual with Bo’s readings, I found it to be very insightful. She told me what I can expect next and even predicted timing. This information has definitely helped me make a decision. Also, Bo’s words have reminded me to be more proactive and get out of my comfort zone. I will rewatch this video reading when I need this encouragement. This is something I really love about Bo’s readings, she knows how to encourage people but doesn’t sugarcoat. If you need guidance, regarding any kind of situation, I suggest you order a reading from Bo!

100% legit accurate

Bo accurately confirmed my love interest's heartbreak from her ex and highlighted detail by detail my love interest's healing process. She told me about how my love interest feels towards me so that I will know what should I do with my connection with her even if this will take long. Saving money at least is worth it to buy a mind read from her.

Bo will never let you down

Ive been her client for at least a year now ...the moment I got a reading from her live i knew I found the perfect reader not only did she become my reader but a friend as well. To those who even question should I try her and are hesitant..don't be ! I've referred many friends or co workers and they all were stunned by how accurate she was with very little detail given. She will go out of her way to make you feel comfortable and give advice if you're reading isn't all positive . She is very blunt and honest but she is loving. You won't be dissatisfied. Thank you ! Bo! I'm so blessed to have you in my life ❤️


General reading prediction

I asked for a general a couple of times and both times she predicted I'd be receiving an increase in money in the future. Fast forward a few weeks I was offered a job closer to home with higher pay. Bo is really talented at what she does and has a true gift. She is worth every cent.


Bo gave me probably the most accurate reading I have ever gotten!! She was literally right about everything, like shes so honest and truly such an amazing reader. Something she does that just makes me so happy is the way she like suggests things the cards say, instead of forcing it on you. It makes you feel like you have an option, instead of just getting worried that this is your immediate future and there is no other possible way something could happen 😂 But yeah, 100% get your readings from Bo! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!
Appreciate your work Bo! Some people just don’t realize how much time and energy tarot takes. Thank you so much again!!

Always Insightful

I’ve never been much of a spiritual person, but after being recommended to Bo by a relative, I can say that I’m starting to become very much more open to it. Her readings have been super helpful and told me exactly what it was that I needed to hear. Highly recommend!

The Best!

Bo is the best reader I’ve had I’m always amazed at how accurate and spot on she is in her readings! I’ve found Bo to be genuine and the real deal thank you so much Bo I will definitely have more readings with you in future xo

A SESSION (Video or Audio)
Andranette Mckenzie
She’s the truth!

I came to bo on one
Of her lives with a lot of anxiety and worry. I donated for one question because I did not know her or anyone she has read before but when I say she was touching every point and answering every thought I had in my head she was!!!! I ended up donating for two more questions! Bo I just want you to know you are so gifted and every word really did hit the nail on the head! I will be back and im so glad I found you💕

Amazing bo artsy

Wooow bo artsy you are an amazing tarot reading your reading accurate with me and you are the best tarot reader i see in my life

Tarot lottery

I had a private session with Bo and she predicted me so many things with even timing and brought me so much clarity! Also everything she said resonated ! I am an old subscriber and I always go back to Bo ! She is always right and I trust her ! I recommend you with all my heart Bo is worth it 💖💖

Layan Layzn
Thanks for the Engagement Lottery Reward Reading❤

Thank you very much, the word is too small, you deserve more than this word, my dear 😍😍😍 all your readings are correct, even the general ones apply to me I salute and appreciate your unrequited efforts 🙏I promise I won't let you down, stay loyal to your channel ❤❤❤ love you so much lovely, Bo 😘Greetings to you our queen 👑

Britt J

Pre-recorded Tarot, Life & Business Coaching

Amazing accuracy:)

I asked her question something like if my future female relationship patner ask tarots to describe her future patner so how will cards describe and let me tell you the answer she gave me made feel like she is stalking me not just physically but mentally also, love her accuracy, determination and straight forwardness

Lost without Bo!

My life has changed for the absolute best since finding Bo. Whenever I have any issue no matter how big or small my first thought is ALWAYS to ask Bo. Not only is she accurate when it comes to picking up on just about every detail in regards to any situation but the guidance that she also provides is EVERYTHING! I’ve come to her broken and feeling defeated on many occasions but I always leave feeling hopeful and whole again. I’m so grateful for Bo!

Yup She's Real

If U Need Clarity In Ur Luv Life Or With Dreams This Beautiful Guided Earth Angel Is Who U Need To Contact U Won't Be Disappointed


Bo...u r simply awesome....ur readings are always accurate. Whenever I wanted a reading u always helped me out.Thanks Bo....I really appreciate ur u dear...u r a sweetheart 💕💕💕💕

Come to this woman!!!!!

She is the real deal. I came in having no expectations on how things would turn out and when she was telling me what was going on, all of the information was 100% correct!!! My mouth literally dropped. I was so surprised. She is now somebody whom I would go to again in the future. Again, thank you so much Bo!!!!

Bo...My Spiritual Teacher

Bo♥️Thank u so much for ur guidance.My work has started on initial stages and I m happy.Thanks for bringing positivity in my life.God bless u.I appreciate your work and effort.U are a sweetheart ❤

Reading was very helpful and insightful.

Amanda O

Wow it was so spot on. Bo was very informative about the situation and what was going in behind the scenes and everything. I would highly recommend Bo for a reading.

Pre-recorded Tarot, Life & Business Coaching



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