Online Dating Checklist For Women & Men

Working with coaching clients and in my personal experience I have noticed that many people struggle to recognise the signs of pure intentions and interest of the opposite side in online dating . Therefore I put those on a checklist to help preventing disappointments and to soften the rejection part. 

1. First date invitationMany of us struggle to cope with rejection, hence we text or email instead . The first date invitation though should happen by video call or voice call. It should be personable. This is a sign that the intentions are pure and genuine and very likely serious.

2. Slow Moves Towards The Goal

Usually daters are so excited to meet as they finally got the match that are rushing in to the first date. Best is to give each other security that this won’t be your next disappointment and first try to know each other through online video and voice calls. 

3. First Date Place & Idea

Most men would like to come across as gentlemen and give the initiative to the women. It might be sound awkward to you, men, but the initiative should be taken by you as women want to know that you are the man and you are in control. This means that you should find a public place that’s popular and safe .

4. Confirmation Call

It’s a great idea to confirm the meeting before it actually happens as of not to get dissatisfied when the date doesn’t come or give a late notice. Since men should take the initiative of the meeting, the confirmation call should also come from them.

5. Be confident 

Whatever happens on the date make sure you are and look confident . People pick on each other’s energy and when you give out vibes of feeling not comfortable makes them feel uncomfortable as well. 

6. Turn off your phones

Silent mode is the best way of not disrupting your date and having a look at missed convos when is the right time for it. 

7. Don’t talk about your exes

Talking about the past on a date it’s not a good idea , try to put a fresh beginning knowing the new person instead . Ex is ex for a reason and doesn’t have anything to do with the new romance. 

8. Keep it fun and flirtatious

I always remember people that made me laugh or did care for me. I guess all other women do too. Showing interest in each other not only asking questions about each other’s life, but also through giving compliments and flirting nicely is also a great idea. 

9. Keep if lighthearted 

Not bringing past or talking drama, politics or work issues is a great way to enjoy and know a person on really personal level faster and better. Also, relationship are based on human interaction, not jobs or political issues. 

10. Let the woman decides about first move towards intimacy

Extremely important for men is to show interest or attraction but not to force or pressure women to be intimate, wait for woman to decide. 

11. Be honest and real

 Honesty is the best policy. Avoiding conflicts and drama best way is through being honest and real about each others’ preferences and likes. If you don’t like someone, just don’t try to keep it up. Life is too short to waste each other’s time. Of course ,  here it doesn’t go about cases where you are not sure as of yet, you need time to see how it goes etc, a lot of times we simple need time to test and try s people are like flowers. Most need time to bloom and unfold. 

12. Don’t play games 

Playing mind games could turn online dating into a nightmare. Don’t try that as it could cost a lot – your dating reputation and a lot, a lot of drama. You never know – you could date next your date’s friend. 

13. Keep high level of personal hygiene 

Nothing worse on  date than filthy person. Filthy look – filthy intentions. Make sure you attract with a nice smell, shining smile and clean outfit. 

Any other suggestions, please comment below! Thank you. We will make sure to do relevant additions . 



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