Laser Therapy For Hair Regrowth

laser therapy for hair regrowth

What is a “low dose laser therapy”?

Low-level laser therapy is a safe form of light/heat treatment under investigation for a variety of health indications. It is being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss common in men and women, androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.

Low-level laser therapy names: red light therapy, cold laser, soft laser, biostimulation, and photobiomodulation

The LLLT  has been known and used since the second half of the 20th century to treat hair loss (alopecia), chronic pain, migraines, neuropathic and musculoskeletal pains. In 2007 the Food and Drug Administration has approved the therapy officially for treating hair loss and using a laser comb of regrowing the hair.

How does it work?

There are two types of  Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT):

Red Light Therapy 

The concentrated quality LED wavelengths of natural light to deliver to your skin in a safe way natural light, UV rays and thus stimulate the mitochondria in the cells as real natural sunbeams, decreasing the amounts of oxidative stress and increasing the blood circulation. This way the follicles receive the quality quantities if oxygen and microelements to initiate full growth recovery.

Cold Light Therapy

This therapy delivers photons to the failure to grow cells through the scalp tissues. The positive effects of this irradiation are as same as with the red light therapy. The blood circulation improves and the hair receives the required to commence the regrowth microelements and oxygen.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates the sebaceous glands and hair looks shinier and silky
  • Helps to the improved production of melatonin and thus darkens the gray hairs
  • 85% of the treated patients improved drastically and hair loss stops immediately
  • Hair becomes thicker, shinier, silky, full, elastic, strong
  • Reduced seborrhoea
  • The blood supply to the cell improves with more than 50%
  • Helps post transplanted patients to recover and get thicker hair quicker
  • Helps chemically imposed hair to recover and get a healthy look

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It is not gender-targeted or specified and will help anyone with the following conditions:

  • Androgenic Alopecia: inherited male or female pattern hair loss
  • People with hair transplantation regardless of  just planning it or already done
  •  People with other factors caused hair loss such as defuse alopecia, alopecia areata, drug-induced alopecia, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Post-pregnancy or menopause hair loss (hormone-based)


Safe and effective 

The studies show that it improves hair growth after chemotherapy or alopecia areata. The National Studies of Health proved that the LLLT is very effective applied in both cases.

Long history

Laser therapy and treatment has been introduced to medicine many years ago. It has been applied surgery through high-powered lasers to stimulation of tissue.

No pain caused by burning or cutting

The LLLT doesn’t involve any painful interactions and therefore it has been preferred and chosen by a lot.

Proved effect of restoring the hair thickness 

The laser therapy used for hair removal adversely has affected the treated areas and it’s been proven that made the hair actually grow.



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