HOW TO ROCK AS A PRO Even If a Dropshipper Beginner

In times of uncertainty when many people lost their jobs or are looking for additional income e-commerce  is really blooming .  The reason for that is the stay-at-home lifestyle we had to adapt to. Regardless some fears that business is down and there’s no way to make money right now there are sources of information that claim the opposite. As you can imagine, even staying at home people, need their necessities same as before. There might be some decline in specific products to business areas, but not all. Even in some particular there’s increase eg. selling masks large amounts and variety.

Not saying you all need to start selling masks, use your mind, sources and research what else could be in demand.

What I would like here to talk about and teach you is how to start drop shipping from scratch with tiny resources, but best quality. As you might know:

“Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers its customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer” (Wikipedia)

So this is the best method for staring a business with low investment in comparison to others and not moving from your bed, chair or sofa.

How to spend as least as possible resources and run over the top as a complete beginner? Well.. this is what I will focus on just right now!

Build a platform 

The platform you could use complete for free is WordPress, the plugin that builds e-commerce is called WooCommerce. If you are not really able to build your own design , use the thousands of themes that he platform offers. Why WordPress ? As it is open-source and you are not charged for the service despite Shopify where you have to pay to use their platform each month, starting from USD$29per month. 

Find a supplier 

Creating a website inserting WooCommerce is not enough to start your business though. What next you have to do is to find a supplier for your business. At the beginning of the dropshipping Shopify spent a lot of money on advertising Oberlo. Oberlo is their app that supplies directly from China and mainly from Aliexpress. The downfall of this is that sometimes you can get and send to your clients faulty products without even knowing as on the images they look amazing. I am sure you would agree that with their terms of delivery (up to a month) there’s no way to order and check all products you sell individually . Sometimes a new item hits the road ad you need to be quick to fight the competition. There’s ways better supplier and plugin that we use in WordPress an is called Spocket.

 This post is sponsored by Spocket, but the choice to advertise their product is mine and it has been for years. I know how Shopify works and Oberlo, but choosing the side of Spocket as I think for complete beginners with tiny budge, who want to rock the market with quality items, this is the rightest way to go and is a one-way. if you still insist on using Shopify , no problem at all , Spocket has got in an integration with them too!

Why Spocket

  • It supplies only USA and European Union based products that leverage that delivery time and quality of products. 

Spocket enabled me to make $178,492 in three months by dropshipping US and European products

– Marc Chapon, Entrepreneur

  • No Upfront Cost. No requirement of credit card details, or registration fees.
  • Only high-quality products.
  • Time of delivery is very short 3-5 days vs Oberlo where it could last a month! 
  • Exclusive customer support that are ready to chat and answer your questions any time. 
  • Free shipping option within USA.
  • They have an exclusive bank of knowledge of how to research a product and find a winning product. 
  • It is compatible with WordPress that is a free platform to use dislike Oberlo that is built only for Shopify. 
  • Spocket ensures you have samples before presenting a product in your network. 
  • Spocket iusses branded invoices on the behalf of your enterprise. 
  • Spocket ships items in a trustworthy packaging. 

On my website you can also find  valuable information of how to do a research and find a winning product



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