The core of every business is selling or in other words market, the services or products offered and sometimes it’s hard to define which one works or best is to try them all. The only problem is that establishing the working one/s might take time and time is money. I would like to share some proven ways of how to go for it, wisdom I have been also collecting strictly, now sharing with you.

1. Get a website

That’s a really important point and I say that not because those building web platforms are a part of my own business, but because this is mostly where your whole process of marketing starts from. As a start-up, you can clearly use cheaper offers but do not really get into completely free as you will regret at some point later, apparently if you dive deeply into fully establishing your brand and story behind it. I indeed offer affordable options but could stretch to really expensive and powerful ones. The reasons for my pricing is first that I am also a startup, second I work for myself and can have any prices I want and third I would like to see my brand exploding all around the Internet 🙂 – not interested in making a huge profit out of it, but mostly spreading the brand and helping people.

2. Use Social Media 

Social media is a good tool for free and paid marketing, but honestly, just some channels work recently really efficiently for free and these are Pinterest, Twitter and maybe LinkedIn. Facebook works for money and even adding fans to the page is still paid. The good thing with Facebook is that the audience could be targeted and to ‘attract’ people who are really interested in your area of business.

3. Use Google Adwords

That’s another PPC tool of Google helping businesses and brands to grow. It is costly, but from time to time they allow some bonuses if you spend some amount. That’s a really efficient tool, but again same as Facebook, it works if you feed it well.

 4. Set Up Your Business Online

If your business has got a physical place or location that’s a great opportunity to market your business or to show it locally. Use the free service Google My Business.

5. Do at least the initial basic SEO: register with Google, Yahoo, Bing

6.  Do giveaways and freebies something tangible or digital in order to collect emails and build your email list.

7. Create Sign Up Forms with MailChimp or any other marketing tool

8. Email Marketing – explore businesses that might be looking for your services and email them with offers. It is important to do a follow-up call.

9. Host Events or Webinars

10. Create a Youtube Channel, Blog or Vlog and properly explain what you stand for.

11. Use Google Analytics to analyze your traffic and focus on channels that bring more successful visits and conversions.

12. Be Consistent and Persistent

13. Do not get overwhelmed when people simply do not like, share or look at your content

People do not really always show appreciation in such a manner but really read and are interested. The right audience will always find you when needed.

14. Encourage user generating content

Give a voice to anyone willing to say or sell something on your website or social media.

15. Offer at least FTD  (first-time discount)

16. Use hashtags #

17. Run competition/games

18. Engage by tagging – this is not could have sometimes the opposite effect, but you can try. You might lose some of your following, but you will gain a new one afterward soon.

19. Implement a customer loyalty program

20. Produce valuable content, use empathy and try to understand the needs of your audience. Try always first to help, secondly to benefit from the provided service.



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