How to Gain Confidence In Yourself


The major factors of you having or not having confidence are simply three:

  1. Your genes that impact the balance of your brain neurochemicals . Yo cannot control it. 
  2. Your environment – how you are treated  – You can change it or not, so you are in half control of it.
  3. The impact of your decisions . You are fully in charge .

Painful but inevitable practices that we need to go through. 

As we see we in most part we can do a lot to improve our confidence . 
1. Become comfortable with what you lack.
Not everything in life we can achieve or be successful at, so get comfortable with that. 
2. Business or Personal Failure
People that are successful in business are the ones that never quit failure after failure and failure is not who they are or not part of their conduct or behaviour. J F Rowling was rejected by 12 different publishers before one picked up “Harry Potter”. 
3. Social Rejection 
Accept rejection as part of the process of finding the best path. It is not a must of everyone liking you or agreeing with you. Having a position is what differs you from the low-confident people . The attitude : Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters is the best way of handling social rejection. 
4. Accepting Hurt

This also comes with the emotional maturity . People like this are not afraid to admit feelings , but also creating boundaries around these feelings. You might truly love someone , but if a relationship is toxic, better move on. 

Positive or neutral practices

  1. Picture yourself of achieving a successfully a target or goal. But also get prepared. A preparation will really you help be confident.
  2. Listening to specific music that impacts our mood, deep-bass specifically. When you go to the gym eg you listen a specific genre to motivate you and help achieve your goals. Even Spotify creates gym playlists for you. 
  3. Sport, Martial art or boxing specifically, regardless of the gender. It gives a lot of confidence boos , apparently if you are struggling with body confidence issues. 
  4. Take care of your body. It’s not about your weight or how you look, but simply how you feel about yourself – it gives confidence from inside out. Healthy habit, hygiene, food – this all boosts your confidence.
  5. See your abilities and talents in process . People that believe in constant development and growth of their abilities are the ones that achieve success.
  6.  Accept your mistakes and be kind to yourself. They part of the process. Next time you will do better.
  7. Accept you are human as everyone else is and none is prevented from making mistakes or feeling awkward. We all re anxious, going through depressions, weird states of mind etc, we all one.
  8. Progress monitoring . Having a track of your achievements will be something to return to and a reason to push forward. Reminiscing your success will bring new ones. 
  9. Talk to yourself when none’s listening out loud everything you want to say. Then repeat with this with people you trust. Next, express your thoughts where you wanted to express them initially. 
  10. Risk taking slowly but surely. You need to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and challenge yourself. Taking risk in an area such a hobby will improve getting confidence in more important areas such as career or love life. 

With that said I wish you good luck, do not forget to challenge yourself and be kind to yourself. See you next time. 

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