How To Fix No Convertible Facebook Ads?

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Just following posts on Facebook groups where people constantly share the same problem: they put plenty of money on Facebook ads but any of the ads they run, work for them eventually. In fact, they see their ads attracting a lot of visitors but hardly any of them visits the website or, if they visit, they bounce back and leave immediately. There’s plenty of reasons why this is happening but focussing on some essential and obvious would change the perspective and results.

If you follow this checklist and make sure you improve the quality, this will help.

1. Check the website speed

There’s plenty of tools out there to measure the speed and see how it performs. Most popular:

It is developed by Google developers and is apparently helpful for Shopify stores.

WordPress is a bit more specific and different, maybe GTMetrix is a better option:

It could come up with a variety of reasons and sometimes if you are not a developer yourself – hard to improve. but what you can actually do is:

1)  Find app/plugin to compress the images and files

In WordPress, you can use Smush (compressing images)  and Enable Gzip Compression. In Shopify Image Optimizer (compressing images), Minifier (compressing files).

2) Minimize the number of redirections

In WordPress, you can use Redirections by Rank Math, in Shopify – Traffic Control Bulk Redirects App.

3) Remove popups. Find an alternative way to build a mailing list

Once you’ve attracted targeted visitors to your website you are in the power to ask to subscribe to your mailing list. You can think of a game related to the items you show or the information in the ad they were attracted to, give a discount tor signing up, but do this not with pop-ups which are annoying or at least make sure they are delayed at start later. Also, make sure you have got just one jumping out per a visitor session.

4) Ecommerce stores run a large variety of games of luck as the wheel of fortune, sales popups, etc but in most scenarios, they push people rather away than to attract

Imagine yourself entering a store and 5 sales assistants are jumping over you with 100 offers!

5) Change the theme as if the code is badly written this would definitely destroy the speed as for example too many javascript prioritized to come up first and blocking the rest of the content.2.  Responsiveness (Mobile Friendliness)

Check whether every page on your website is mobile-friendly. This became a huge topic over the last years as even Google prioritize it in their SEO requirements. Consider registering with Google Search Console, submit a site map and each page of the website. If people attempt to see your website of phone or tablet irresponsive design will rather hit them back and push away. With so many responsive already website none will be sitting there and trying to scroll down and up to find the content they are looking for.

3. Navigation is not in the right place or in a place where it cannot be noticed. 

Another important reason might be your menu and just the navigation overall. Make sure it is rightly positioned and when people visit they can easily find what they are interested in.  Remember to be practical when starting a business, fancy you could become once you set a real brand and turn famous.

4. Chat elements 

Same as popups are slowing down the speed. It is recommendable to have good customer service but never exaggerate its power. Let people know that they can also email or phone. I have seen a highly professional website who are built with chat implemented on a page. So if someone really insists on direct chatting, they go rather to the page and start a conversation there. So a hidden in a way chat could also help for the smooth and nice interface of the website. Or, if you really like having a chat, use just one. If running a Shopify store a good idea is the Facebook messenger, if running a service-based website Zoho chat is a great option as it collects great information and you can easily retarget the met and missed audience of your website.

5. There’s no actual correlation between your advertising and the content of the website

Advertising a huge deal and then giving something tiny hasn’t brought a success anyone so far. Be clear, trustworthy and follow your promises.
6. Make sure your homepage is well built and products could be seen actually there. That’s the new high conversion focus.

Do not make visitors browse for the products and wait for the page to load. Tempt them buying straight away. 

7. Product Images are not optimized, they are either blurred or taken straight away from Aliexpress which makes your products look poor quality or shady.

8. The content is not proportionally positioned

Practicality in a new eCommerce shop is very important. Simple and collected style and all put proportionally.

9. Targeting the wrong people

Facebook ads work with targeted groups. So if you are willing to ‘call’ a certain most likely to purchase a group of people to have a look at your items, you should really be aware of who they are. Think about who is the potential buyer of your product: age, location, interest and they target people who meet these criteria. Google Adwords works opposite to that as there you target specific words who people search for and these words bring people who have searched for them to your website. Facebook Ads give you the opportunity to describe exactly who these people are.

So if you sell trainers for teenagers you would need to target people between 12-18 years, located in the area your shipping covers.

10. SSL certificate

Is the connection with your website encrypted? A major issue that should be resolved straight away when you first approach to build the website. Apparently important whenever you build a website/e-commerce store where sell items.  SSL encryption hides people’s sensitive data from one another.

If you purchase a domain directly from Shopify this is automatically done for you, but if you are running a WordPress website or buy a domain from another provider, you need to run an SSL certificate Let’s encrypt. You can easily find it on your control panel menu. Activation from there is not enough though. You need to install a plugin on your website to get it running. With WordPress chose Really Simple SSL.

11. Poor Orthography or Grammar 

We all do mistakes regardless if we are writing in our native language or another. When people visit our website and notice these mistakes they might think that this website is suspicious as if none cares about how do they present the information, what about the products they sell.

A brilliant way to avoid that is by using Grammarly. Get an account with them and forget about any issues. Check the links below and select the one ( or all) which suits best your needs.

Good luck!



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