We learned with the time that everyone with skills and ambition could become an ‘entrepreneur’ and if you constantly struggle to find your place at work or often find yourselves in toxic or noisy environments, poor health-safety conditions or anything else that makes you feel low, consider starting a business from HOME!

You do not actually need a huge investment, you just need a quiet place and peace and still some requirements to cover:

  • have the desired skills
  • if you don’t have the skills, take time to learn them
  • be open to any new knowledge
  • be patient
  • work hard
  • outsource – you shouldn’t know it all at the end of the day!
  • use good, but affordable ways to build a website

The world’s most famous business and brand Amazon started from a garage, remember. There are no excuses if you are really passionate and like to do what you would like to do!


If you are a creative person who literally cannot keep their hands in the pockets, the craft is for you. Why do people love to buy crafts? Because it’s trendy because it’s unique and it’s cool to wear something which someone did just for you! You can make stationery or unique family soap line or if you are good with digital tools, you can also create digital products.https://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?o=1&p=48&l=ur1&category=primevideo&banner=1VKZQZ5XAC59E8KT83R2&f=ifr&linkID=f321ec5549ae803e339b7edf773988f3&t=bo0dd-20&tracking_id=bo0dd-20

Use EtsyAmazoneBay, Facebook Marketplace to sell your products worldwide.


If you are a good leader and can convey the right messages along with required skills and knowledge, you can easily teach online or gather at-home children, keen on learning HTML, CSS or anything else … Apart from a great job, that’s amazing fun. Do not forget to give kids breaks to laugh and play, but also keep on track and control their progress!


If you are a Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Dance  Master you can easily teach your students online with a conference video call! You can also prerecord sessions and sell them along with the classes. You can also work with a nutritionist to make your classes more effective which leads me to the next amazing idea:


Being profoundly invested in people’s health and recommending them the proper quality and quantity of food to eat in order to improve their overall health, is a great suggestion! So many people nowadays suffer caused by toxic food diseases and need help, also some kind of control and sound advice. You can share your knowledge using all means of contemporary technology. You can also write a blog or create personal programs.


It is the way of doing online trade business where items are been produced and shipped by a remote third party. The goal and work of the business owner are to create a fast web platform, to advertise the items (paid and using organic traffic), to persuade clients to purchase these items and to establish a great promotional and trade plan to sell them. More information: DROPSHIPPING


If you are a creative person and you are full of ideas from early morning till late at night but short of money to invest, POD (print on demand) business is just right for you. I love it, I tried and I know what I am talking about. I have already discussed it here: PRINT ON DEMAND: LOW INVESTMENT BUSINESS

PERSONAL OR CAREER COACH https://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?o=1&p=12&l=ur1&category=primevideo&banner=0F0SY03S0EFHH3EDJNR2&f=ifr&linkID=4ca44f6f3ed6e4aa277254dd9fa3f42f&t=bo0dd-20&tracking_id=bo0dd-20

That’s a bit as a psychologist, but not really as everyone could really practice is without a deeper psychology knowledge, no degree is also needed, but the coach should be an authority and to deliver fruits from his work on the table. There are coaching academies e.g. in London which give certificates and teach how to become the best one. If you like the challenge, give them a try and invest. Most come with initial free training/meeting.


That’s a great idea for people who like baking, cooking, catering and enjoy nurturing and doing this for the other people.



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