happy with alopecia

Alopecia is in most cases is just an autoimmune disorder that disappears within a year’s time. After some panicking and looking for the right direction of how to efficiently treat it, people just find the way and go after until they completely get over it.

But the thing is that not all types of hair loss are completely curable, some of them chronic and they keep returning so there are cases where you should surrender and learn how to live with it. As there’s nothing better you can do – there’s no evident reason of why is it happening, why the immune system out of a sudden starts attacking the follicles considering them as an invader. So there’s no way to prevent this one and for good.

I would rather say that the problem here is not physical but psychological. And the thoughts are self-sabotaging as it hurts the ego and how did we perceive ourselves so far. And not only how we ourselves perceive our new look but what the society would say and how they would react to this new image. 

Alopecia affects people’s self-confidence as in small environments people tend to be more direct and even judgemental, sometimes rude or with poor quality manners. If alopecia happens to a child it is really suffering as children tend to be blunt and not cautious with their words, apparently if not the right knowledge in the process of upbringing has been delivered to them. 

If you are the one with alopecia, you might need to digest the problem (I do not consider it as a problem, but a lot of people do) and extract the best out of it. https://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?o=1&p=49&l=ur1&category=clothingandshoes&banner=0KGG5528RQ692034NDG2&f=ifr&linkID=6cfc013f4cb07029f425ed38296232b1&t=bo0dd-20&tracking_id=bo0dd-20

In which way? 


Stop fighting it. Just accept it as a part of your life journey. Learn how to live with it. 


Change your hairstyle in a way that is most practical in the current situation and enjoy it. Honestly, there are thousands of ways how to look cool and means how to do so


I was really shocked while watching a random youtube video the presenter (a woman) said that she was shivering in saying that she’s got alopecia areata to her boyfriend. And she was a mature woman! I guess alopecia areata is a good way to filter who is there for you or who’ s there for something else. At the end of the video, she said that he said absolutely nothing and even supported her in this journey. 


We are so used to feed our ego by looking for validations for it whether is with showing photos on social media or in a close social circle. Just stop paying attention to the impact of the environment, find another goal in life to distract you from too much focussing on the alopecia. 


Or in other words, grow. Grow and learn from this experience. It is not happening randomly. It is here to remind us to appreciate ourselves more and look after.


Focus on what you achieved in life or what you are planning to achieve, what your skills and hobbies are, be a nice person. There are so many opportunities available in this life that you haven’t explored yet. 


Not saying you should completely avoid them but bear in mind that they are all in this psychological turmoil that they haven’t healed yet and better not to interfere with each other.  If you can help, help, but try to hold yourself back from spending too much time with the other affected. 


Compare yourself with people from different stages of life who also went are going through alopecia is another way to fight your negative thoughts. Watch celebrities. they also have got the same problems. People whose career depends on how they look.


This is maybe the best you can do is to plug your ears with something while meeting people that find an obstacle in every solution. Closed off, close-minded and closing doors to new opportunities people are not the ones for you. 

My alopecia is gone and I am really happy about it but as I said before I would not care if I have to shave my all head. I have been always naturally open-minded but now even more. All these unhealthy limitations are been given from a toxic society, the other judgemental humans around and they do have nothing to do with your perception and inner world. https://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?o=1&p=50&l=ur1&category=beauty&banner=16PS3FFCZ6EHPE8H5Y02&f=ifr&linkID=4d5775ae985d25309fb8b00d70760a63&t=bo0dd-20&tracking_id=bo0dd-20

I started avoiding negative people completely. If someone pops a complaint, negative thoughts, fears on my messenger, text or WhatsApp I completely ignore them with no explanation. I was used to acting, help, and support but not anymore. 

Some of them do not understand why but I hope one day to grow to this consciousness. I guess that’s an ultimate disgrace to jump over and start sharing your ‘problems’ without thinking of the other person at this particular moment how they feel. 


As appearance is so related to the ego the best is to fight the ego in some way and too timid it, not to feed, but in a positive way. Watch comedies, talk to funny people and laugh at yourself. Just simply turn negative defects into positive effects.

Have a look at this article I found here too:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love My Bald Head 

So, dear beautiful alopecia heroes, embrace your hair loss superpower, keep strong, boost your confidence as life has just begun! 



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