FREUD’S Personality Test

To do this test you will need a piece of paper and a pen an to answer the given questions to describe your feelings – the first that come to you, even they are controversial.


      1. What do you feel when get into the sea?
      2. What do you feel when you go in the woods?
      3. What is your first thought when you see flying seagulls?
      4. What is  your first thought when you see a horse stud?
      5. Describe your actions if in a desert see an oasis?
      6. Describe your actions if in a desert see a jug of water?
      7. Describe your actions when you go through a deep fog.

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  1. This your attitude towards life.
  2. These are your feelings towards your family and relatives. 
  3. This is your attitude to the women.
  4. This is your attitude towards men.
  5. This is you when facing a problem.
  6. These are your actions when looking for a new partner.
  7. This is how you look at marriage and commitment.
  8. This is your attitude to  death

We are really wondering what are yours? Please let us know in the comments below. Like our page on Facebook for more posts like this and share it. Thank you!



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