There are plenty of platforms, websites and companies offering a large variety of websites, but do you know how to make sure the one you ordered or purchased meets the minimum requirements of professionalism. There are simple rules your website should follow in order to be identified as a really finished and done with a professional touch. So whether you order or purchase, please make sure that these basic criteria are met:

SSL certificate – it’s absolutely mandatory to have an encrypted website. How to find out – very easy: is there an S added to the domain?

Email accounts – does your website provider provide you with business accounts?

Is your website mobile-friendly (responsive)? – Are you able to read the information on any kind of device (phone and tablet)?

Is your website registered with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex? – you should have accounts open with these search engines.

Does it have a GDPR cookie banner? – does it possess a cookie and privacy policy with a GDPR consent banner?

Does it have a favicon apart from the logo?

Does it provide training and support? Remember a website is live, it has to be updated, maintained.

Does it relate to social media? Does it have social media buttons or widgets?

Has it been explained that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needs regular submissions and audits? 

Does it include your personal or company’s details instead of the theme credentials? Go and check the footer.



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