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Ecommerce and dropshipping in particular require a specific approach in terms of gaining conversions. They are similar to any other online business but also different than eg marketing a blog. Blogs need a consistent and sustainable SEO first of all and techniques that will make them remain as long as possible in the search engines. They could potentially gain some attention while they use paid tools to advertise but that is not what will make them sustainable and remaining on the market and browsing engines they need to be in order their monetisation to get rewarded.


Brand awareness is something that is consistent and sustainable. It is a legacy. It could be compared to the human personality and character and the one that will remain even if the juridical body is over. This is the name about people will continue talking about. You know how elder people talk about stores, brands, cafeterias they used to visit as children, they know their names and talk about them with sentiment and reminiscing the happy moments of their life. But you also witnessed. initiated or took part in discussions about the poor quality of a product or customer service of a brand.

This is what the brand does: achieves a long-term goal. 

As I mentioned before paid the advertising could gain this purpose but it will be short-lived and just temporary. If you are willing for your brand to remain and sustain do a big portion of free advertising, methods that  I will discuss further.


Ecommerce and in particular dropshipping need quick and precise targeted paid advertising either on Facebook or Google Adwords, social media, or blogs, the influencer market, etc. whenever they are in a selling campaign. Keep in mind I am not saying ‘marketing’ , but ‘selling’ campaign (it could be retail or wholesale ) just because in this campaign they do not want to market their whole business but to sell a product.

Big holidays and celebrations such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Hanuka are the ones that require an accumulation of huge traffic to the stores and a lot of money to be spent as the competition is massive. They will never gain anything if do an organic SEO and wait for the things to happen naturally in terms of immediate short term conversions. And this is important to be understood.


What people are usually interested in when they start an online business what kind of costs they would have as all looks so approachable and low cost, there must be a catch as all businesses have. Obviously, there’s no direct response to this question as all depend on the resources and skills they have so far. As sometimes they either need finances or time to invest to gain skills (eg web design, SEO, marketing) or to purchase hardware (laptops, cameras) or software (Photoshop, digital tools etc). But what I would like to get focused on (and let’s assume we do not need to invest in all of those as we got them covered) is advertising.

Free Advertising (Marketing)

Free advertising could be used if the online business is a blog as the purpose of it is to attract long-term attention, so whenever people search for info to find the articles useful and helpful. Free advertising could be also used with eCommerce and dropshipping as it also helps to build a solid reputation and brand awareness.

It is mandatory to have a blog along with the store if you are willing to achieve a sustainable long term profit. The organic advertising (aka free) takes time: not hours or day, but months and years. And this is what people do not really get when they start an online business as they usually come from a place of financial loss or insufficiency and they are thirsty to achieve immediate success.  I completely understand this as I was part of these so-called ‘beginner hustlers’.

Patience and sustainable input is the injection that accelerates the long term profit. Let’s focus on the free advertising tools that could be used in doing these:

  • Content Strategy

Having a great blog/content strategy with quality content with posts consist of more than 1000 words brings traffic and potential clients.

  • Word Of a Mouth 

Good quality products or content make people talking positively about your business. Ask your clients/visitors always for feedback as this will make you eliminate the mistakes and improve quality.

  • Search Engines Optimisation

Registration of your online business with search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex is the foundation of your online business.

  • Free Advertising Websites

There’s plenty of those online, they try to improve their SEO by giving an opportunity for free advertising,

  • Social Media: Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter

And here is the right place to add a great resource, that you must definitely  in order to gain an extremely optimised Twitter following:

How To Get Twitter Followers (The Complete Guide For 2020)

For more insights in terms of social Media Marketing, check this out now: Social Media Marketing Ideas

Professional Networks such as Linkedin (groups, connections, and followers) 

YouTube Channel 

Google My Business

Bing Places








Quora as not only in a search for information but also sharing by answering questions

Guest Blogging

Facebook Groups same as Quora


Business Directories such as: Find It Now Directory, Find Us Here, Hubbiz, Jasmine Directory, EZ Local, HotFrog, Kudzu


Email Marketing

Organize Giveaways

Paid Advertising (Marketing)

Paid advertising is mostly focussed on gaining a seasonal or temporary gain: as I mentioned selling urgently a product, having a sales targeted campaign. There are different types by the way you would have to pay to the advertiser such as PPC (pay per click), PPV (pay per view),  Affiliate advertising (selling a product with external link).

The most popular and powerful ones are as follows:

  • Influencer market. Websites like this one help you to find a social proven influencer by given criteria. They also help with tips on how to find the right one for your business. Prices of the influencers vary, they depend on their following and industry. Make sure their following is organic, not paid as everyone can gain ghost (paid) followers by payment.
  • Twitter Boosting through this amazing website  help to boost and grow your Twitter for free.
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Paid adverts in authority websites
  • Paid advertising on video on demand, media, TV, radio channels
  • Youtube Paid Advertising
  • LinkedIn Paid Advertising
  • Twitter Paid Advertising
  • Paid adverts on business directories and websites
  • Organising a Social Event


Whatever direction you chose, think about the goal you would like to achieve and consider the specific in this particular case financial abilities/constraints, brand awareness/selling a seasonal product, long term or short term gain.



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