Colouring with alopecia (hair loss)

coloring with alopecia

Colouring with or without alopecia has got the same effect and concerns.  Hair colouring doesn’t change the hair regrowth as it happens beneath the scalp surface and does nothing to do with the real hairs above. Bleaching and hair dying damage the upper part of the hair that is already dead.

Thinning of the hair and breakage can cause additional stress to the people with already diagnosed hair loss so better to use save ways on how to do the colouring. For this purpose, you might need to use products that are ammonia-free.

Ammonia and peroxide are the chemicals that destroy the melatonin in the attempt of changing the hair colour.

Without changing the structure of the hair colouring cannot happen.

Does hair dye thicken hair?

Hair colouring makes the hair looking thicker since the peroxide doubles the thickness of the hair strands.

Can hair dye burn your hair off?

Chemicals burn out happens on the surface of the scalp and it could cause irritation and redness but not to burn the follicles out.

Which products to use for safe colouring?

As I mentioned above non-ammonia products plus herb-based such as henna are perfect. Apparently the second as they even have got a healing effect due to the herbs they consist of.



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