Life Coaching & Style

How To Heal From Separation?

How to heal from separation? That’s a question I deal on daily basis with my clients. It is heart-breaking and overly stressing . We feel lack, not appreciated and non-validated. Even if we initiated the separation!

Why Do We Need Life Coaches

We need a life coach to help us when we feel stuck and cannot find the best direction in life or business, we get through stressful situations and cannot find the best way out of. The life coach is the one that won’t bring a ready solution but will help and guide to the right one. Even life coaches need life coaches as everyone needs help and guidance.

What Is Fear Of Intimacy

Many times we read or hear that someone has a ‘fear of intimacy’ and we instinctively assume that this goes for intimate physical actions, which… is not entirely true and I will tell you why.

Online Dating Checklist For Women & Men

During my work with clients and in my personal experience I have noticed that many people struggle to recognise the signs of pure intentions and interest of the opposite side in online dating .

Success & Mental Health

To be prosperous and to build yourself from scratch requires a lot of mental health and strength. Successful people who don’t have the luck the success to happen overnight go through a lot of transformations that first they build their character and secondly their success. Success and character go together.

How To Finish Multiple Projects You Once Started

I am sure that’s not only me who’s starting multiple projects at once and struggle with finalising them. I really have wandering eye if it goes for new things to do and very often I find myself engaged in a lot of projects that remain unfinished for a very long time and some of them just never have the chance to go live.