5 Tips to Follow To Lose Belly Fat

No ability to go to the gym and stress in the winter months created conditions for growing a belly fat. 
What did I do and still doing to lose mine in a healthy way ? Unfortunately no magics bring results if we don’t do the job itself. 
Keep in mind I am still in the way of losing it and completely done but I noticed a massive progression.  

I am very quick on storing belly fat and for me losing it most times is a challenge, but I did , you can do too , maybe even faster!

The first month I was desperate as I was hardly seeing any progression . 

1. Physical activity 

I do one day gym . I developed a morning routine in which I do hiit (running on intervals on the thread I’ll for  15-20 min), weight  lifting (15-20 kg) , sometimes pear boxing. 

On the next day mainly in the evening I do long walks for about 2 hours. I don’t do gym again as the muscles need to have a break. 

2.  Food . Count to 1000-1500 calories !

No regime as I hardly ever can cope with regimes . For me regimes are stressful and contribute only to high cortisol that definitely blocks the organism to lose weight. In fact I already have some nutrition culture and most of times I count calories that need to remain under 1500. Don’t go extremes - under 1000 as this could lead to yo-yo or unhealthy conditions. My diet mainly consists of fruits, veggies, yoghurt , cheese. I have got cheat carb days when I eat diet pancakes but also count to 1500 kcal. 
Eat high protein foods, drink plenty of water. And whatever you eat, count to 1500!

3. Diet & Fitness Supplements

I used to take Garcinia Cambodia, but since the effect of it is not really proved and most test say it could be harmful for the liver I stopped . 
When I go to the gym I use a simple fat burner that is L-carnitine.

I take two capsules with 300 ml of water before I start the gym routine . This leads me to massive sweating and throwing fat along the way. 
I also recommend using protein for weight-loss, the special one that comes with this label written on it . I haven’t used it this time as I had to wait long before I get it ,  but I used in the past and it was a revelation ! 

4. No miracle medicines and herbs unless you do the job 

5. Keep the faith

 As you know with negative mindset you could achieve any goal , so keeping the faith could do great job for you. 

And now I am hitting the gym now. What about you ? 

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