Many people’s dream is to start working from home and most of them choose to do dropshipping. Dropshipping is a great idea because it could be done from anywhere: from home, from another country… Well, actually the home of your business doesn’t really matter. It’s a business model in which the manufacturer or distributor is the supplier of the items but also does the shipping. The drop shipper’s role is to have a website with a quality speed, to find prospects and clients, excellent selling and customer focussed soft skills. When the purchase is done the supplier ships the item and the customer receive it.

The main task of the drop shipper is to find a winning product. Dropshipping is a very smart business model, it became popular 5 years ago when entrepreneurs started selling products from  Amazon to eBay benefiting from the profit margin and vice versa. It was not really a dropshipping but maybe some tiny steps into moving forward. I remember a guy who tried to convince me that this is something with a future. I was just staring at him and I was not convinced. He showed me his earnings etc, but this did not make me believe.

The things since then changed. It became a profitable business model and not so primitive as it looked to me at first. And not it does make sense to me and sounds fair. Helping people to get the best products from these enormously massive wholesaler places, providing them with excellent customer service and looking after them, is adding value and should be greatly consideredThe success depends on the product, good selling skills and also customer service skills.

 If the case of a lack of web development skills the best platform to use is Shopify.  I have done a comparison between Shopify and WooCommerce here: DROPSHIPPING VENTURE AS AN ADVENTURE


The most common and well-known place for dropshipping is Aliexpress. The profit margins are high as the prices are low. The trouble is that it is quite saturated as any beginner starts from there. Again, saturation should not create limitations, adversely saturation sometimes is a sign that the demand is high and there is room to grow. Look at fitness and fitness-based and related niches – they are everywhere, but still constantly growing and there’s still a space for a newcomer.

The other constraint with Aliexpress is the long-distance and delivery time, apparently based in Europe. There is an e-packet, which takes about 1o-20 days, but it is not included in all merchandise.

With Aliexpress also you should always test the items you sell as sometimes they are faulty and do not have anything in common with the pictures. I bought my sister for a test fashionable trousers color khaki, we waited for them a whole month (I didn’t choose the epacket) to find out that the purchased trousers are not the ones we asked for. But do not worry about it. You will be refunded immediately after any complaint. There’s no even a need to return the items if you supply the merchant with proper screenshots.

Which countries include and what requirements should cover, please read here

Aliexpress will always remain a leader in the dropshipping and wholesale market as it is huge and massive.

If your clients live in a long-distance from China the best solution for you is to find a local or nearer supplier. Maybe the profit margin will not be so significant but if hassle-free and with a quicker delivery, it is a better opportunity.

If your clients are based in Europe, BigBuy might be a better idea. Available in all  European languages. The service is paid.

The next great dropshipping website is Spocket. It has an integration with WooCommerce.

Doba also offers dropshipping wholesale service, it is paid. You can use it for a product or niche research as well as they have got a hot product catalog.

But the most important point you should start is the product. The rest comes second.


First, let’s take into account the fact that you might have to try with a variety of products before the winner pops out. Finding the best selling product is like finding the most searched keyword in Search Engine Optimisation: the object in highest demand.

1. SaleHoo Market Research Lab


It is paid but very efficient as it extracts and analyses data from the worldwide-known e-commerce leaders eBay and Amazon and gives precise knowledge.

2. Amazon Bestselling Products 


Just choose a niche and you have got organic ranking. Adapt to the supplier. If you use Ali Express you won’t find Alexa that is leading in electronics.

3. Simple Google Search 


Just type in Google ‘Bestselling Products Online’

4. eBay Bestselling Products


Select a category and then type ‘bestselling’ in the search area.

5. Google Shopping Insights


That’s part of Google Trends.

6. Alliexpress Best Selling Products 


The trick in Aliexpress is to select first a category and then to arrange products but rating (stars) and orders. In order to choose the best one, you should consider equally both factors as sometimes many order mean low price but not quality.

7.  Pinterest 

Just simply type the product name you are willing to research and see the autosuggestions.




With Instagram type a #(hashtag) and the product name, then check the most searched and tagged.

9. ahrefs


Just type the desired word and see how often appears and what posts have been used in what purpose.



The trick here is to select Shopify as a hosting provider and to see which shop is most visited and what they sell. Then go to the shop and check the Bestselling products.

As I mentioned earlier eCommerce and in particular drop shipping is all about finding the right product to sell from the right niche. If this is done, all is done. You can grow your product awareness organically as it will sell easily. If the product is not in demand, poor quality, slow delivery, bad feedback etc then nothing really matters. Money spent on advertising will be money wasted and nothing would be able to lift it from the dead. Facebook advertising has become quite costly apparently when Shopify took a leadership position in the e-commerce market. There’s saturation on the market really, but that’s a saturation of mostly bad products fighting with each other.

With the right research and homework on finding a top-selling star, the number of opportunities is endless.



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