Avoid At Any Cost The Following Mistakes When Finding New Clients (Business Development)

business development mistakes

With the digital technology advancement and also the freshly created during covid home offices, a lot of people started their own businesses. Along with that the newly created business owners  started looking for clients.

Not sure if you noticed but in the last few months the trend of receiving marketing messages from big companies now has been replaced with self-promoting online coaches and gurus. It has existed before , now even more. 

Before the quarantine I talked a lot about that one day we will start working all from home . I was talking this based on my intuition, technology advancement and also, people breaking free. All these female movement as ‘#iamenough‘ Of Marisa Peer #metoo‘ against Harvey Weinstein (“Miramar”), the globalisation, the LGBT ‘#loveislove‘, George Floyd, the digital nomads are here to show that humanity is on the verge of completely breaking free from old borders, frames and boxes. And that is just.. 


I will be always supporting the individualism, freedom, confidence, independence and justice. 

Here not to talk about this though. This post is dedicated to how to write business development offers and emails. I noticed that people that write business offers are not educated enough and  haven’t done a proper schooling. Some are missing real soft skills and they are assuming , while others use a not tailored to each individual template and they copy and paste with the hope that their message could get the right attention. 

What are the most common mistakes one should avoid at any cost when sending business proposals:

1. Assuming 

2. Neglecting the competencies of the receiver

3. Lacking soft skills

4. Direct selling

They don’t try to engage, but just to sell their service and product or to obtain your email quickly for email marketing with the hope you might one day decide how good they are and purchase their product.

I will demonstrate some examples of wrongly written messages that I personally received on LinkedIn in the last two days and I will tell you why I rejected them. 

This guy here assumes that I don’t have any clue of digital marketing and here he comes to teach me. Well… I read so much and wrote so many blog posts on this topic , I also  included some or very big brands in them , I’ve been found by another and asked to include them , but this guy totally unfamiliar comes to me with this direct proposal of teaching me basics. 

Well… THAT’S A WRONG STRATEGY! What are the wrong approaches:

All mentioned above in just one sentence!

What he could to RIGHT – just asking politely for reading his content. 


This lady assumes I was struggling. Not sure how she knows so much about me that I don’t know. I guess she’s just using template used for many (spamming) to produce this ‘heart-melting’ content.  And, then she continues:

“that didn’t involve much tech or complexity”… Again, assuming. She doesn’t know my preferences or level of knowledge. She projects her self judgement onto her potential clients as that might be her lack of technical interest or knowledge… 

And then she directly offers her freebies just to obtain my email with the hope that one day I will be begging her to coach me. 

What went wrong in this message? Well, all of the mentioned above. 

What she could do right? First of all she could try to engage in conversation with me and see where do I stand , find out I am actually doing and do I need her services and products, how she could serve me. 

On the top of that I find her products really suspicious. Or, even if I trust this type of products I would acquire some of best known names in this industry. She is totally unfamiliar to me either as brand or service.

I really don’t know how she made it from struggling to success this way in her own business, but I would never rely on coach that apples this kind of approaches. 

I wish you luck and keep the faith along the way. Peace!





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