10 Ways On How To Pick Yourself Up

10 Ways On How To Pick Yourself Up or in other words: how to motivate yourself to work hard, live your life and develop your skills further.

 “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

As you might know, the life of the entrepreneur is like a black and white cycle of hope and disappointment, a constant fight between the power of positive thoughts and desperation. It is really important to get rid of the emotions and focus on the logic. But life or business is not always logical, emotions when dealing with business unhealthy, so best will be to focus on boosting the self-confidence, trust your inner gut and intuition (stop feelings as otherwise won’t hear it) and continue working. The main reason why do people do not succeed is as they easily get themselves burnout and leave the process when actually they have to remain and continue working.

Just look around and see what kind of people succeed? Are they the most prominent and smart, are they really geniuses… No, they are average people who only managed to be consistent and persistent. They have never entertained any self-sabotage thoughts, they realize that they do not possess special talents, stayed humble, but like every other human being, they deserve to succeed and have a good life.

Entrepreneurs learn in the process. People who leave just suspend the cycle of learning and thus the one of progression.

Look at the influencers who write thousands of articles on LinkedIn and not even a single word of the content they spread is theirs, only quotes from wiser than the people. They do not even put an effort to implement their own thoughts or even do not speak well or write the language they copy and paste from.

Why do the average influencers have got this extreme following?

First, as the audience doesn’t like to think much, they see quotes and follow the example of someone who has been recognized by society once, no questions asked. And secondly, the “top” influencer is persistent in putting up this content and posting regularly. They even go the extra mile – spread the seed throughout their contacts one by one.

And now let’s come back to us, the entrepreneurs.

So if you have ever thought what is the formula of success,  I strongly believe that should follow the lead of the average influencers:

  1. following already recognized forms and examples
  2. staying confident and persistent

(Not trying to belittle someone’s efforts here, just concluding on what I am seeing on a daily basis and be helpful to people who lost hope in success. )

Of course, the people who copy and paste only live for the moment of temporary glory. It’s like posting a photo on Facebook and gathering likes. What’s the value of this? A temporary success.

Same with the failure. It’s just a feather in human life.

If you find yourself burnt out and frustrated, make sure you pick yourself up by entertaining these thoughts :

None of the people who try hard to leave a legacy and work from themselves are average people. First of all, a weak character is not capable of overcoming failure and continuing to success. Secondly, there’s nothing worse than people who do not move,  do not change, do not risk, hold themselves back from getting a new direction, who always complain and are jealous of others, who try. This bred of people will always remain in the vicious cycle of their own negative mindset and mentality.

Avoid this kind of individual.

Turn them back.

Get focussed, work hard, entertain happy thoughts and see yourself climbing mountains and then holding the cup on the top. ????



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