10 Hair Growth Myth Busters

As time goes by as many as myths and legends about how to grow and maintain beautiful hair and a big portion of them today sounds a bit naive. 

Is it healthier to brush your hair often? 

Absolutely not true as it forcefully pulls out hairs that were not about to fall and scratch needlessly the scalp surface. 

Is the dark hair stronger than the blonde one? 

Look at the Black Ameican people who fight with alopecia, some of them constantly and some of them caused externally by pulling the hair out in different hairstyles (Traction Alopecia).  Maybe people who ask this question think about bleached blond hair but since we talk about natural hairs the color doesn’t have anything in common with hair health. 

Newborn babies future baldness could be prevented through shaving 

There’s zero truth in this as male baldness in been inherited from the father side and the women one from the mother (Androgenic alopecia). So if you cannot change your genes, you cannot change your hair thickness. 

Change your shampoo and conditioner as your hair got used to them 

Change not because your hair got used to but because the needs of your hair changed. Maybe you started coloring it and it needs special after coloring hair care products. 

Often trimming of the hair makes it grow faster and healthier 

That’s not true as what grows is actually in the follicle, the rest, the actual hair is just a product, think about the onion how do they grow, some with the hair. So cutting it won’t help thickness, it can make it look thicker as the hair just loses length but not in reality. Cutting the ending once in three months is enough. What should be treated actually is the roots. 

Color stays better od dirty hair

If you read the manuals to every hair color box it’s been said actually to wash it before coloring. And this is not random when hair is dirty this means that it’s full of a large variety of particles that appear to be a huge obstacle for the color to interact and stick on the hair.https://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?o=1&p=50&l=ur1&category=beauty&banner=16PS3FFCZ6EHPE8H5Y02&f=ifr&linkID=4d5775ae985d25309fb8b00d70760a63&t=bo0dd-20&tracking_id=bo0dd-20

The gray is hair comes with the stress

Well actually it comes with the loss of the pigment called melanin and it does have in common with genetics, not with any stressful circumstances. Look at your relatives and ask when did they become gray. 

The sun lightens the hair color

The truth is only that it burns the scalp and irritates the follicles. Theo only ‘healthy’ way is to use ammonia-free color products. And these are the ones I use:

Men like long hair women, women shaved men

As far as attraction is concerned I do think that both parts of this assumption are wrong as first, sound quite behind the times and secondly as many as humans as many as types of attraction and tastes. 



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